Art: MRCokeley Design

Disclaimer: A TV show is no substitute for professional mental health support. That said, my favorite cops-and-lawyers procedural has always been there for me.

I asked 79 white people if they would give up their whiteness. Here are the results.

Illustration: Jenn Kitagawa

Art: MRCokeley Design

Jennifer Lopez’s new crime drama is about more than strippers striking back

Matthew Cokeley

All men and women are created equal. Equally fast, and furious

Art: Matt Cokeley

The kung fu legend stood up for himself and taught others to do the same, no matter their skin color

Art: Matt Cokeley

Jim Rockford was a laid-back TV detective who lived in a trailer on the beach… and helped those who needed help

[photo by the author]

Zaron Burnett III

writer at MEL magazine, essay & short stories at Medium, and always in the mood for donuts

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